What are your hours of operation?

We are open on Monday from 7am to 12pm and Tuesday through Friday from 7am to 5pm. Deliveries go out from 9am to 3pm. Although, if you order after 11am there's no guarantee that we will be able to get the arrangement that you want out on the same day. On Saturday's we do deliver but the order must be placed by no later than 7am Friday morning. Sunday we are closed.

Do you deliver on the weekends?

We are more than happy to deliver an arrangement for you on a Saturday but the order must be placed by no later than 7am Friday morning. Sundays we are closed and won't be available to do any deliveries until Monday morning.

What information do I need when placing an order?

Recipients full name:

Their address:

Is it going to their place of work or their house:

If it's a house, is there any apartment number we need to know about:

If it's their place of work, what is the name of the business and the suite number:

The recipients phone number (The more numbers the merrier and we will never call them unless it's absolutely necessary. We'll give you a call first before we resort to calling the recipient.):

What kind of arrangement would you like to send out and how much were you looking to spend?

The message you would like us to write in the card that goes along with the flowers:

Your full name and phone number:

Name on the credit card:

Credit card number:

Expiration date: 

CVV code on the back of the credit card:

Complete billing address for the credit card:

If you have all that information you're good to go and it will make the process a lot smoother and faster when you call us up to place the order.

Can I come by and pick out a bouquet?

Sorry, we're delivery only, but don't let that stop you from giving us a call. You can always talk us through what you are envisioning and we'll make sure to create a beautiful, one of a kind flower arrangement for that special someone. 

Do you have a minimum and is there a delivery fee?

Our minimum is $75 with a $20 delivery fee for anywhere in San Francisco, and don't forget about the sales tax, which is charged according to the delivery address.

Do you deliver outside of San Francisco?

We do, just give us a shout and we'll figure something out. Our minimum for delivery outside of San Francisco starts at $175 and depending on where it's going will determine the delivery fee. If you want an order to be delivered outside of San Francisco we appreciate a 24hr advance notice. We also request to call the recipient ahead of time to make sure they will be home or if they prefer the delivery to go out on a different day and time that works best for them. This will save you from being charged multiple delivery fees.

How late do you deliver?

Our delivery times are from 9am to 3pm. Although we can't always guarantee we'll have what you're looking for in stock after 11am. Note: Same day deliveries placed after 11am cannot be guaranteed. At that point, same day delivery substitutions may apply in which we will do our best to maintain the style of the requested arrangement, otherwise it will go out the following day. Pre-ordering is the best way to insure you get the arrangement you want out on the specific day you need it delivered. 

Can you guarantee a delivery time?

We do our best to try and get deliveries to certain individuals by a specific time but, unfortunately, we can't guarantee it. What we can guarantee is that the arrangement will be delivered on the day you requested between 9am and 3pm.

What happens if the recipient isn't home?

If the recipient isn't home that's when we'll give them a call letting them know we have a delivery for them. We never ruin the surprise, we just mention that we have a delivery for them and to call us at their earliest convenience. If it's safe enough to leave we'll tuck the arrangement away beyond wandering eyes and then call the recipient to let them know they have a surprise waiting for them. If it isn't safe to leave we'll bring the arrangement back to the studio and wait for the recipients return call. If we end up having to make multiple delivery attempts we begin to charge an additional $20 each attempt after the second attempt.

What happens if the recipient has gone away for the weekend?

We will send another arrangement out when they get back home. It will be left up to you to place the new order with the correct date and time when the recipient will be home to receive the flowers. Since product was bought, an arrangement made, and a delivery already attempted we only offer a 25% refund for that first arrangement that went out. 

Can I see what my arrangement looks like before it goes out?

We do our best to take photos of the arrangements so we can share them with our customers. Although sometimes, when it gets hectic, we need to get the arrangements out the door and on their merry way so we don't always get the chance to take a quick photo. We never guarantee it or make any promises but we do try our best to take a photo of the arrangement so that you can see it.

Will my arrangement look exactly like the one featured on the website?

It will look the same or very similar to the arrangement in the photo you picked out. The arrangements on the website are examples of our work only and represent basic color combinations. We do our utmost best to replicate the arrangement you picked out but sometimes, due to availability, we may have to substitute certain flowers or vases. When placing an order, the customer allows substitutions, meaning that the sender is allowing Barrango Flowers to work with what they have on hand while trying to keep the arrangement as similar as possible.This may mean that the recipient does not necessarily receive an arrangement identical to what is pictured, although every effort is made to do so. If you order a few days in advance you will not have this issue. Typically, when someone orders something we don't have in stock, we will call them before sending the arrangement out to let them know, and if they want it out that day it will be a designer's choice. If the arrangement you choose is what you're heart is set on we will send it out the following day once we've got the flowers you requested. We do reserve the right to make substitutions whenever market conditions affect flower availability, while maintaining the overall integrity of the proposed color scheme and will use flowers of equivalent value. No need to worry though because we don't send out anything we don't like ourselves. In order to confirm availability of certain flowers please give us a call first at 415 221 9531 before placing your order.