Orchid Succulent Extravaganza

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Orchid Succulent Extravaganza

Orchid Succulent Extravaganza 

Our ‘Orchid Succulent Extravaganza’ comes with three live double stemmed orchid plants, three large succulent plants, and five mini succulent plants. The orchids are used to give the arrangement some height while also offering a nice pop of color. Traveling down the orchids your eyes end up in a beautiful succulent garden complete with different colored mosses and some river rocks for the illusion of stepping stones. You can also choose to have it designed in either one of our signature black or white ceramic vases.

This arrangement is approximately 16”H x 12”W 

  • A variety of colors are also available.
  • Container, succulent, and orchid color subject to change.
  • For deliveries outside of San Francisco please contact us first at 415.221.9531